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Barney Comes to NorCal

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Rizzo and Monkeybutts Sophie and Beans greeted him and here is how it went down………


The UPS man arrived and just the sound of the truck stopping in front of our house incites the usual riot between Rizzo and Monkeybutt sister Beans.  Monkeybutt sister Sophie used to participate in the mass riots but since she lost her eye sight three years ago, she just stays out of the way and lets the other two idiots have at it!

To watch the video of the two rocket scientists (Rizzo and Monkeybutt Beans) trying to sniff out what might be in the box (they could have bright futures working for the TSA)…

After the sniffing, I had to put MB Beans away in solitary as she claimed the box was hers and didn’t want to share.

Then Beans got to open the box all by herself and discover that the UPS man is really an amazing guy that brings the coolest of stuff… did he know I would love this sooooo much!!
Here is the link to watch Rizzo opening the box:

After she carried Barney around and around and around the house she fell asleep with him and I can honestly say this is the first stuffed animal toy she has ever had that she did not destuff!  Maybe it’s the smell of all the dogs before her that have carried him around and I know destuffed him, but she was very gentle for some strange and “honorable” reason.

I never let Barney out of the closet when MB Beans was out of solitary because she is the destroyer and would have destroyed him just so Rizzo would not be able to enjoy him.  She is a true MB.   Rocket, you would be proud of her.  And Angel Samson, you I know are  laughing from above at the MB stuff she does.

Since Barney almost incited a Riot at the McCauley house I did drive him down to the Folsom State Prison to let him know where he could go next, or maybe just jump off the Folsom Dam Bridge into the American River.  He would not survive.  Here are some pics of the rest of Barney’s peaceful stay.  Rizzo, as  I said, was gentle and calm and  I saved Barney’s butt from the Beans.   Watch the slide show of Rizzo:

Monkey Butt Beans just waiting in all her glory for her

chance to dismember Barney!!







Watch Rizzo at the ball field chasing and playing with her bud Barney before it got 95 degrees outside:

She came home and slept for four hours and that is about the extent of her day…..slowing down a lot but goes like crazy when she’s up and about….Barney lit her fire!!

Here is a picture of my Monkeybutt sisters Beans and Sophie

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7 Responses to “Barney Comes to NorCal”

  1.    jerry Says:

    Rizzo, first of all may I say you have the cutest tail ever!

    I love how Barney made you smile. That ear-to-ear grin is what this purple beast is all about. I’m so glad you got to enjoy him and protected him from destruction!

    But tell me, how are you going to get his stink out of your house? Does he really smell as bad as I hear?

    •    rizzobeans Says:

      Barney is a bit “crusty” and to be honest he goes to sleep in a bag in the closet at night. There is an air about him that lingers but once he goes to sleep in his sealed bed it’s ok. Diane warned me “do not smell him” so I’m not dumb….I have not picked him up and actually put my nose close to him. But I can smell him and just the way he feels….yuk!

  2.    etgayle Says:

    oh rizzo, watching your videos (time and time again) make us smile and laugh. you are just too darned cute, and you gave him “what for”!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3.    krun15 Says:

    Good to see Barney back in Nor Cal! I have to say I got a little teary watching Rizzo pull Barney out of the box. Not sure why actually- we had Barney 2.5 years ago. I guess I’m just glad he is back on the road!
    I’m glad Barney made you so happy!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  4.    AngelAbbysMom Says:

    Cute videos! Love how Rizzo is just trembling with excitement as the box opens.

    MBBunny Rita loved the videos two. She gives them 2 dew claws up!
    Jackie, angel Abby and MBBunny Rita

  5.    samson007 Says:

    Loved the way Rizzos head cocked to one side waiting for the box to be opened! Don’t despair my MB friends!! Perhaps you will get a visit from Monkey Me Elmo and Curious George. They too are on the road again.

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