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Rizzo 3.5

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May is here and that means I am another year older…..whatever that means.  Thirteen years old.  I like the three in that.  Next month will be 3.5 years since this journey began.  I live here in Northern California and it is already getting into the 90’s most days so my Momma takes my sister Beans and I on walks early before the pavement is blistering.  We love our walkies but some days I lag way behind and we have to cut the walky  short.   I will randomly pick some people’s shady grass and just lay down in the cool grass and decide I’ve walked enough.  My Momma loves me and gives me a teary eyed look and carries me home. I love my Momma.

Our house has changed in the last couple months. March 1  my other sister, Sophie, went to the rainbow  bridge.  I’m not sure where that is but I know she is not here any more and I miss her.  She was here before I was and she was 15.  Momma and Dad were sad for weeks and Beans and I kind of wandered around and didn’t know why Sophie was gone.  We got snuggled a lot and still do since then.

Sophie 1998-2013

Sophie 1998-2013

My Mom gives me pills every morning, and she doesn’t even try to hide them any more.  I don’t even fight  about them either.  I get peanut butter with them and I love peanut butter so it’s a win-win for Momma and me.  Momma tells me the pills make me feel better and I trust her as she has helped me get this far so she must know something about this Cancer stuff.  I have Mast Cell Cancer and when it rears it’s ugliness I get sores and itchy spots (on the outside and probably the same thing on the inside) too.  So I get benadryl twice a day  to control all the itchies.  I get other stuff too, but that one I really care about otherwise I feel like I’m itchy EVERYWHERE!

This past week, Rene, (yes our Rene from Tripawds) emailed my Momma and asked if we’d be interested in representing Tripawds in the Sacramento area for a TV broadcast that a local station was doing about the upcoming Morris Canine Cancer walk.  Momma said YES!!!!   It was really, really fun except for the being there at 6:30am part.  I usually sleep until 8.  It was worth getting up early…..lots and lots of treats and lots of people petting and making goo-g00s over all of us tripawds.  Here is the link if you’d like to watch it.


I was so tired for two days after that….but it was worth it if more people came to the cancer walk the following Sunday.  We went and did the Walk on Sunday and saw Karen Riley with her pack of Pugs and Ralph with Austin Ray.  Those were the only Tripawds we saw there.  Rizzo got to wear a Purple bandana as she is a survivor.  The supporters of the cause wore brown bandanas.  We sure saw a lot more brown than purple this year.  We did the short walk and it was fun and not blistering hot, but I got really tired.  I was asleep the minute my Momma started the car.

Well, That’s all for now.  Hope everyone is having a great spring and has a great summer!!!!!!!!!!

Adios for now!!

Adios for now!!






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2 Responses to “Rizzo 3.5”

  1.    benny55 Says:

    WOW RIZZO, YOU AND THE OTHER TWO ARE SUCH GREAT AMBASSADORS FOR TRIPAWDS! Thanks for showing the world what heros you are:-) 🙂

    That’s a who derful update on everyone and so glad you are doing well. My goodness, you are a good looking young senior!!

    I know Sophie is looking out for everyone and is still with our everyday in so many ways.

    Your mom is doing such a great job so, as we give yo a standing ovation she’s getting o e too:-) 🙂 And the encore contiues!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2.    jerry Says:

    Rizzo you are so darn adorable in your Tripawd fashion!

    We can’t thank you and your Momma enough for being there for the TV show AND the big Morris Walk. I know you touched many, many people out there in the world.

    I’m really sorry to hear about Sophie, I know it’s hard to lose a family member, especially one who’s been around for so long. I hope with each new day your heart hurts a little less, and Sophie’s spirit continues to surround you with love.


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