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My Best Buddies!!

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Well, we are in the middle of a typical NorCal summer and this last week it has been between 105 and 111 outside.  I am pretty much a country club type and enjoy my couch inside at 75 degrees except when Mom makes me go out to peep and poop.  I usually go outside in the fenced backyard.   I am not allowed to run free in my front yard as I lost those privileges many moons ago for not minding Mom.  So I get to go out in the front yard on a leash only sometimes.  I love our front because almost every time I go out there (either early in the morning or in the evening cuz of the heat) I have special friends out there.  They sleep in my yard and I don’t bug them cuz they are very fragile and gentle.  Here are some pics of them:









and here is another one:    

But I am also very quiet and gentle and because of the evil monster big Mommas that are sometimes with them that run after me and try and stomp my head!!!!! One just about got me one day…..scared the crap out of my Mom!!!   Hehehehe……I thought it was so funny to see how scared she was.  The baby deer are really cute.   I don’t understand why those Mommies are so mean to me.  I would never hurt them.  I love my front yard….that’s also why I am always on my leash in the front yard.   Here is the last picture of the evil Momma giving me the stink eye……


She looks mean doesn’t she?


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4 Responses to “My Best Buddies!!”

  1.    maximutt Says:

    Wow, that is a stinkeye!! You better watch out Rizzo! But, I have to say, you are one lucky guy to be able to see those beautiful creatures right in your front yard! Hope all is going well with you Rizzo!

  2.    krun15 Says:

    Rizzo- tell your mom to come down for a visit with the pugs- 1ts only 102 here!
    What cool buddies to have in your front yard.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  3.    labsrus Says:

    That is one evil look! Awesome fawn pictures… how luck you all are! I hope you are doing very well these days.

  4.    princess Says:

    Yikes! That is one mean looking Momma. But how wonderful to have her babies in your front yard!! Awesome.

    Spirit Magnum

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